Spectre/ Phantom

Sadly I think that might be true. At the very least an acknowledgment they have received your email and will attend to it would be better than nothing. That could be automated surely?

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I am very reluctant to admit this (to myself too), but their material supply issues seem to be bigger than we think and worse than they expected (most probably). And yes, I have a Morgana IC and absolutely love this cable. in March I received an email that my Phantoms are due for production in April with the second batch (whatever that means), but at the beginning of this week I received another email that actually my cable is still pending due to stock from supplier has not actually been received yet. A bit discouraging frankly, I wish them all the best, but apparently situation there is pretty bad. I am starting to think that I will be lucky if I receive my cable by the end of the year and it supposed be shipped in Q1… Will not cancel order anyway.

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Very happy with my NACA 5‘s fronting my DBL’s :blush:

In the past I’ve placed a few orders with Witch Hat and signed up for their marketing and offers but this year I never received their spring offer email, fortunately I had an idea of when it might be and so was able to order something from them.

But when I mentioned the problem to Josh (at Witch Hat) on the phone he said they’d had some problems with their emails.

So it’s possible they have maybe returned emails but they’ve not been sent/received.

That old chestnut!

Well it would be in Witch Hat’s interest to make sure the offers went out and that customers received them which is why I believed him.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had good experiences with them in the past. I was just joking about the old excuse about the system (email) not working.

For what it’s worth I have a large £ order currently unfulfilled with unanswered emails also. Biding my time.

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I don’t know how much my comment will help this discussion but it’s just a thought.

Out of my decade worth of dealing with dealers and manufacturers in high end audio I will say Naim is the very best. There is a reason I’m a Naimite and I highly respect the way the company operates in addition to the great products that they make.

Other dealers I would highly recommend are Audiologica, Audiobarn, Audio affair - they have all been very good to me. I won’t mention the negative experiences of manufacturers or dealers because I would like to hope that they didn’t repeat the way they were with me.

In the main the product is the most important thing and there is much on this forum to suggest Witch Hat do make good products. But I also agree that when enthusiasts are spending the kind of money we do it’s not unreasonable to expect to be dealt with in a more accommodating manner. Just my opinion of course.


I’m sorry to hear about these problems and I hope they get resolved to everyone’s satisfaction A.S.A.P. Surely W.H. Must have clocked this thread and be working on solutions?
For my part I’ve purchased from them on four occasions and never had a problem. The products have all been really good in my system, and true to the W.H. descriptions. I feel some sense of loyalty, so the current shenanigans make me anxious.
I’ve been running Spectre for about a month now and it is, as W.H. claim, in a different league from Phantom. My system is sounding better than it ever has, and I’m sure the cables are still improving. The last few days the instruments and voices seem more focussed and more precisely located in a soundstage. It’s great to notice instruments at different depths back to front. Above all the music is full, rich and easy. Very pleasurable- if you can get the cables.


Spectres and Phantoms are both visible and invisible. You must check the right box at the point of order.



I’ve had a lot of speaker cables, but it’s true I’ve been very happy for 3 months with a pair of fantastic biwiring Linn K400s


The feedback from @Booster makes me super keen to get my cables and I’m not surprised at his feedback as each WH product has been a boost to my system. I remain chilled about actual delivery date though. The downside of the sunshine is that I’m tasked with gardening and landscaping, not hifi listening!

My business has had issues with manpower, many businesses have had issues with supply chain and many have suffered from both. I expect this launch has been a nightmare for WH in many respects as all this hits a small company particularly hard but the last thing I would want is for them to be put off innovating again. I’m already looking forward to what they come up with next!


I’m 5 weeks into my Spectres and loving them. They’ve been running almost continuously for those 5 weeks and are now getting well bedded in.

I had significant sq changes at 2 days, 1 week and 3 weeks. They’re more consistent now but probably still have more to reveal. Bass performance is the most obvious improvement in my system but, as others have said, instrument separation and vocal clarity are big steps up too.

They’re very impressive cables.


Yepee my Spectra’s are in production and will be ready to be shipped in the next few days (probably weeks).


Hey Pete do you know what batch number your cables are in?

I have no idea. Just got an email telling me they’ve gone into production and will be ready to be shipped. Guess I was so excited I forgot to read the details. :grin:

I look forward to your detailed and informative review of the cable, including burn-in and blind A/B testing with Mrs Pete :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

Your optimist Mrs Pete’s tone death. I’m just hooking them up to my main setup and see how it goes. I doubt there’d be any detailed a/b comparison more likely I’ll just forget.

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I don’t want to be a gloomster but I got an email on 28th March saying mine were about to go into production and I still haven’t received them. Just trying to manage your expectations😀.For wider info, I ordered mine on 1 September, they are in batch 2, Brio plugs. Maybe your message means I’ll get mine next week🤞.

I really have no expectations they’ll just be here when they’re ready. I’m just hoping I live that long. :rofl::rofl::rofl: