Speculating about a Statement

(@Richard.Dane hope this is okay).

Last night I was speculating with an old work colleague who is buying a Uniti Nova and what speakers he should dem. We covered that, the usual suspects will apply.

But conversation when I told him about the Unitis bigger relatives led to what else you might do around a Statement Pre and we arrived at a Vertere RG (other TTs are available) and something active 3xNAP500s and say Kudos 808s (other speakers are available) but thought that was a lot of boxes and wires, so concluded with a Vertere RG, Statement Pre and ATC SCM 100 SL SE Actives. Truly fascinated as to how good that would sound?


Not that I’m in the market for one, but that’s an interesting sounding combo of S1 pre into ATC actives…


And the S1 has balanced output, so it’s the obvious next step from an Atom HE for use with active speakers.



Let us know how the home demo goes Lindsay😉


I let you know when and where you can come along Gary!

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Why go active with the 500’s when you can get six Statement amps? That’s six horsepower… more than enough to mow your lawn.


@Katzky2021 now you’re talking :sunglasses:

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