Spendor 3/5 -> 3/1 in small room

I’ve finaly taken a loan and upgraded 3/5 to 3/1 with a trade-in option. Maybe I’m a bit insane? A room is about 150 sq feets if I remember correctly. I just only took them to have some audition with my new amplifier :slight_smile:
What I can tell - absolutely same sound, but much deeper, bigger stage, more space, more details. The main benefit is that I can listen on small volume. Say, with 3/5 the regulator was at 10 o’clock and now it is at 9. I’m a bit sensitive to bass attack and I was afraid these bigger speakers will flood the room with the excessive bass. To my surprise I feel comfortable with the most of tracks.
So, please, share your thoughts.

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If they sound good , don’t worry.

Lots of speakers sound different in different rooms

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Often smaller speakers are harder to drive, not always


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Indeed, I feel that 3/1 are much easier to drive.

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