Spendor D9, thoughts?

Anyone either have listened to these or own them would care to share their opinion on them ?
I was looking at ATC SCM 40 passive or active but that is now no longer an option due to various reasons.

I love rock/pop/hard rock am I looking in the right direction with the D9’s ?

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Hi Seadog
Sorry I’ve never tried ATC speakers and maybe I should have.
When I was looking to replace my D7’s I tried and had on loan over a twelve month period a variety of speakers and it came down to making a decision between the D9’s and Kudos Titan 606.
The rear of my speakers need to be 200-250mm from a solid wall and these two speakers worked well.
A number of other speakers impressed me for the first couple hours and some others for a couple of days but after a few serious long listening sessions these two speakers were the ones that I forgot about the critical listening and was totally absorbed into the music.
As we know speakers are very room dependant and speakers that I listened to at home sometimes sounded nothing like they did at the dealers and in the end I gave up listening to speakers at the dealers and just arranged to borrow them for a week or two.
With you listening to rock/pop/hard rock it maybe worth try PMC speakers. I tried most of them but they just didn’t do it for me.

Cheers Doug. Funny that you should mention Kudos, I would dearly love to listen to these too, unfortunately they are not supported by anyone in my Country.

I’ll try a more in depth look at the D9’s as well as the PMC.

Doug, I cannot figure out how to PM other members. So apologies if this comes over as a PM type reply to Doug only, as it is I guess…

Can I ask why you went with the Kudos 606 over the Spendor D9 ? I may be able to source a Kudos 606, but not demo. it unfortunatly. My room is 4m x 8m and speakers will need to be 40-50 cm from the solid brick wall behind. Listening position 2.5m from the speakers.

Which is the “safer” one that could perhaps work in my room ? Loaded question, I know, as all rooms are different and all.

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In my experience speakers all sound so different, much more so than other components in the system, that you really have to hear to find out if you like their character - even if that means travelling to do so. Of course, best to hear in your own home, but if not feasible then better to hear elsewhere than not at all (what I did last time I changed speakers was take my old ones with me for a reference point to help allow for the different room). Other than as suggestions for things to try, other people’s opinions are really only useful if you know you have the same taste in speaker sound.

Ignore that if you already have heard and know you like them!

Yes agree. Another option was Neat XL6 and I can demo. this one.
If it helps, I am after a speaker similar to ProAc D48R/30RS, but not as full on in the bass.

It’s not something that you haven’t worked out. PM within the forum isn’t allowed by Naim as a matter of policy.


In week or two there are going to be a d7 and d9 second version with a new tweeter and some box changes.

Cheers David. I assumed under out profile settings an option box for receive messages was also for PM.

Apologies for the mix up. Leni, yes I also heard a revised 2019 version is soon to be ready of the D7,D9.
Still thinking about the Neat XL6, it ticks a lot of boxes.

What was wrong with ATC’s?

Yeah, these were very, very impressive when I had the passive 40’s at home for a week trial.

If I was to go this route, it would be the active version.
Only problem is I would have to let go my 300DR and SL cables as well to fund the cross over.
Not easy when I live, second hand Naim takes an age to move on (and my 300DR is 11 years old and had the DR kit upgraded). Because of the age of the amp. it really puts people off and they want me to almost give it away accordingly.
Which I refuse to do…

Yeah I kind of get that. I still have my nDAC, SN2 and passive 40’s for sale. Well my dealer helps me to move them but I’m prepared to wait for some time to get everything sold. Meanwhile the new setup sounds better and better every day.

I once auditioned D7 against 40’s in my home setup and they really impressed me initially. Super fast, detailed and agile sound. Also much easiet to drive than 40’s. But in further listening, I got serious listening fatigue with them and that ruled them out. No experience with D9’s though.

Apparently the D9’s are a touch sweeter sounding tthan the D7’s.

Don’t worry, I am still trying to investigate a way of getting the active 40’s too… Especially after reading your posts about the shift from passive to active ATC SCM 40’s.

And remember that @Patu listened to the old version.

Yes it was the old version. I also heard about the revised model being released soon. I hope the high end is touch sweeter in the new version.

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