Spendor from 3/5 to 4/5, need piece of advice

I’ve just upgraded an amplifier to 404 Reference. I’m thinking if it worth upgrading the 3/5 to 4/5. I’m having a trade-in option. So, how big is the difference ? Does it worth upgrading?

If you like the 3/5s and want more of that sound save up and get actual LS3/5As.

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And this is what…??? Let’s not guess.

More, clearer information = better answers… :slightly_smiling_face:

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A bit late, I’ve already pulled the trigger on 3/1, sounds as if 3/5 got bigger. Sound is great on low volume where 3/5 was weak at.
404 Reference is an integrated amp from Moonriver, a new brand from Sweeden. It has a very naimish sound signature. I took it as I had no chance to have the auditioning of sn3 and was bit relucktant to go blind. Actually, 404 Reference should be considered same class as SN3, but without phono preamp, headphone output and etc. Kind of less is more.

If you have not heard the Naim SN3, I do not see how you can compare the Moonriver 404 Reference to it. You have no information.

But… YMMV…

I had had 5si before. 404 has same signature plus deeper, wider stage, quality uplift.

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