Spendor Quality

A7 bass driver went. Superb Naim dealer (Grays Inn Rd) sorted a replacement. Just installed and back up and running. Think everything sounds better!
Under 5y warranty, never had anything like that work out so effortlessly. Had credit card out.
Just the cab ride!


As an A7 owner I’d be interested in what happened? :astonished:

they are 4 years old. the glue went on the cone/ surround interface. dealer contacted Spendor and replacement was in London in two weeks. dealer offered to replace but thinking of lugging 25kg through London - did it myself. two wires and a cab. very happy. top service.

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Thanks. Glad it’s sorted :+1:

Out of interest, did they provide any torque settings?

no, also asked about warranty re home repairs but no concerns. the good thing is you are free to tweak…tune. fab.

The torque settings are 3.5Nm for the bass driver.


brilliant, thanks, off to screwfix!

got the box out and they are paired which is brilliant but going to listen D 7.2.

A7 superb!

think i had the 250 pumping…fookin brilliant.

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