Spendor S3/5 speaker stands?

I expect the first version Spendor S3 / 5 to arrive in a few days, for my second system. They will be driven by Dac V1 and Nap 140 in a small room 3m by 4.5m. I found almost no information about suitable stands for them and so I will ask for advice on finding suitable stands for them. I really like the exterior vintage style of the similar LS3 / 5A and Linn Kan stands, but they are of different sizes, unfortunately. I also have the opportunity to mount them on wall stands, if it is suitable for them. What will be your recommendations? My budget is around £ 150. I appreciate any advice! Thank you!

I would email Spendor.

Yes, I hadn’t thought of that!Thank you very much!


I have two pairs of Spendor 3/5 speakers connected to Naim systems. One pair is on dedicated Fortis stands made by Hifi Racks connected to NAC282/SCDR/NAP250DR. The other pair is on Skylan 2P 27 stands (designed for Harbeth P3ES speakers) with Sky Q-Bricks (three per speaker) connected to NAC42/CB HiCap/NAP140. Both solutions are excellent.

The Fortis HiFi Rack stands are not cheap, but very good. The Skylan stands appear fairly regularly on the usual auction sites and are probably better value for money. They also offer more bass in my rooms and for my ears with the Spendor 3/5 speakers.

The Skylan stands are slightly less prone to toppling when nudged by drunks/cats/small children, if any of those are a potential risk. We don’t have dogs at the moment, but they are probably a slightly higher risk than cats.

I would avoid wall brackets. The Skylan stands are not a perfect fit (the top plate is very slightly too large), but that does not detract from their suitability for Spendor 3/5 speakers.

If you do not need huge amounts of bass and do not listen to rock or symphonic music at high volumes in a large room, Spendor 3/5 speakers are all you will ever need for enjoyable listening with no fatigue.

If you do need to go louder in larger rooms, their bigger 2/3 and 1/2 brothers are perfect.

David (who is partial to Spendor standmounts)


For what it’s worth I.M I have my S3/5R2’s mounted on a pair of sand filled Atacama SE24’s that I bought new in 1996 for £80 including spikes! The Spendors have almost exactly the same footprint as the Atacama’s & in my smallish cottage lounge my CD3/72/140/high cap sounds absolutely sublime so I’m not too sure how much improvement can be made by paying large sums on stands…no doubt there is a thread on this site that proves otherwise!
Good luck.


I already have some clarity on the matter. I appreciate it! Thanks for your thoughts!I want to ask for an opinion about the Soundstyle stands, if anyone has had experience with themI think I met this option somewhere.

Great!Thank you very much Leggit!

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