Spikes, Chips or Silent Mounts for the rack?

We have ordered a new SimRack hifi stand to replace the trusty Quadraspire Q4.
Each rack (there will be 2 racks) sits on 3 legs with spikes at the bottom.

In our case, the floor is wool carpet on foam underlay on a concrete floor.

Traditionally, I would have simply pressed the spikes through the carpet, leaving the rack to rest on the concrete floor. However, since finding Isoacoustic Gaia II feet to be wholly beneficial over spikes for the speakers, I can’t help but wonder whether some form of isolation for the rack wold be beneficial too.

For those who have tried both on a carpeted floor, I would welcome the benefit of your experience:
1. Spikes through carpet on to concrete floor, or
2. Spikes on Fraim chips on the carpet, or
3. Spikes on Chord Silent Mount SM5 on the carpet

Thank you in anticipation, BF

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Sorry I can’t help you with your question and hope someone else will come along later. Just to add that my rack is fitted with Finite Elemente Cerapucs and I think they work fairly similar to Isoacoustics Gaia in providing isolation. The footers are an improvement over spikes on the rack.

My speakers are on stands spiked to the floor. I intend to try the Gaia for the speakers at some point in the future.

I cannot be absolutely specific, I bought Silentmount SM7 having seen them used in more than one room at a Bristol Show. Some were on tiled floor, some on carpet.
I had read the explanation how they are made and the theory behind them. I have Something Solid speaker stands that were spiked to a Marley tile covered concrete floor. It was easy to feel the vibration in the uprights. Introducing Silent Mounts made things clearer, I think the reduced vibration, easy to feel the difference, meant that notes were not smeared.
Whether they will work for you, I cannot predict, your rack is timber(?) not steel, you do not have speakers introducing vibration by physical contact.
When first installed there was some movement due to the carpet. Things have settled, the speakers are not as absolutely rigid compared to spikes direct to the floor. Yet, I would not go back.

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