Splitting Neutrik Speakon Cable

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I’m about to pull the plug and add a sub to our home audio system, the Rel T/9x to be exact.

It will be paired with a set of Chora 826’s and the Naim Uniti Atom and this is where my issue starts. It appears the Uniti Atom has recessed speaker plugs so the usually method of connecting the speakon to the amp is out of the question. Looking at many other posts it seems the best connection method is straight to the binding posts on the end of the speaker anyway. How is everyone splitting the cable so that it’s going to both speakers and getting two channel bass? I’ve never really played around with cables and don’t want to damage the cable if this isn’t even the accepted practice?

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You’re probably best of having some dedicated cables made up - or else make them up yourself. The cable need not be anything really special or expensive, just regular 79 strand will do fine (we used Chord Ley-line at the factory). The Choras look like they will take spades in addition to 4mm plugs so you could put spades on the REL cable. Hopefully your REL dealer will be able to do this for you.

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Or you could use the pre-out from the Atom and connect to the Sub that way. Just need a dual rca to single rca cable

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You can split the outer sheath of the supplied cable so that you run two wires to one speaker and one to the other. It will work fine but you’ll have the thin wires running across the room, which you may or may not be able to hide easily.
You could have a split cable made up to save messing with the supplied one, which may be a neater option.
You can get a specially modified version of the Neutric cable designed specifically for direct connection to Naim amps. Rel supply one, but it’s expensive. There’s a much cheaper version available from a cable company called Designacable, which would probably be my choice.

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I will try to unsheath the supplied cable to begin with. I can hide it fairly well as my NAIM NAC A5 alraedy will take most of the attention anyway. Otherwise if that turns into a catastrophe then I’ll look to have one made.

Thanks @ChrisSu for the Designacable mention, will check them out. Otherwise how else would I get a dedicated cable built? I’ve no skill in soldering sadly.

It’s pretty easy to split out the cable. It must be - even I managed it. And you only need to it for a sufficient length so that both speakers can be reached.

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Agreed. I’ve just installed a T7i and split the supplied cable - took a couple of mins. Working v well so far.

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