Spotify account hacked

I don’t do streaming, but though I might give Spotify a go for when I want to hear a few tracks before buying vinyl. I signed up, and within a couple of weeks I received an email from them saying my account has been hacked and my email changed. I Googled this issue and it seems to have been going on for years. What a farce. Never have any problems with any other internet service I’ve joined.

Subsequently closed my account down and asked them to remove my details from their database.

Have you used a password which was compromised in the past?


The above suggested by @Ardbeg10y was almost certainly the case.

Also useful for this:

Not that I’m aware of. It’s not the most complex password, but there again it contains letters and numbers and is 9 characters. Not sure I’m at fault. As I say, you can imagine how many services I have (as most of us do nowadays) and can’t remember the last issue I had and I’ve certainly never had an email from a service stating my email has already been changed. Sounds pathetic service to me anyway.

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