Spotify and MuSo QB

Just set up my Muso QB in a new home with a new network, but Spotify now doesn’t see it in Spotify Connect. Odd as the radio works. I’ve tried rebooting a few times, and reinstalling Spotify. Obviously Bluetooth works, but that’s not the point. Ideas and any solutions welcome. Thanks!

Are you using wired or wireless? Try with your phone connected to the 2.4ghz WiFi, same as the qb if it’s wireless.

Thanks, it’s wireless. Phone and laptop connected to the same network. I’ve also rebooted a few times to no avail

2 things to try
First, does it work if the Qb is wired - try it temporarily, move the Qb near to your router if you have to.
Second, force your phone on to the 2.4ghz wifi instead of 5ghz. (most routers have both 2.4 and 5ghz wifi and your phone is likely to be using the 5ghz band)

how do i force phone to use the 2.4ghz? the laptop doesn’t see it either. i’m also very near the router, only 2 metres away.

I feel like I’m going round in circles. All I did was move house, now it doesn’t work!

My router is dual, both 2.4ghz and 5ghz. How can I tell the Naim app on my phone to use the 2.4ghz? I now know that my Muso QB does not support the higher speed (1st gen). I’m pretty bamboozled by all of this, I’d of thought that Naim would have future proofed their products a bit more.

In your router, assign different ssid names to the 2.4 and 5 bands so you can choose which one you are using.
This is nothing to do with Naim not future proofing, this is experimenting to see if you can get your home network to see the qb from your phone. There are 1000s of network devices out there, you can mix and match routers and WiFi access points and switches and network bridges etc and inadvertently create a sub optimal home network. If your issues go away when both your qb and your control device (phone) are on the same WiFi band, then you have determined where the fault lies.
Have you tried the qb wired to the network yet as that should also work.

Given the only real change is your new network (in your new home) the issue must be down to the only thing that has changed, your network equipment. I assume you just have one router connecting to all devices and are not using any network extenders? If a BT Home Hub you need to turn off smart setup otherwise this can cause issues for some devices.

Thanks everyone, I’ll assign the networks (both speeds) two different names and connect to the 2.4ghz one (both laptop and phone). Hope that does the trick. I’ve a Linksy Mesh router, just getting my head around how it all works.

Just make sure it is setup in Access Point mode if you are using it with an ISP router. Otherwise set the ISP router into modem mode, if possible, then you can use the Linksys in Router mode.

It really shouldn’t be necessary to mess around with settings to tell devices which frequency to use. If they’re working properly they should be able to work it out for themselves, and changing settings can have unintended consequences later.
What sometimes works is to put your QB close enough to the router that you can attach it directly with an Ethernet cable. If it works like that, chances are it will continue to work if you then put it back where it was before using WiFi.

It does sound like you could have the Lynksys Mesh gear set up incorrectly. It’s an easy mistake to make, and if you have two DHCP servers running it may be causing you problems.


It’s just for temporarily testing if the phone can see the qb when both running on 2.4. It’s not supposed to be permanent.
Then we get into “delete app, reinstall app” etc

I did log on to the 2.4ghz network on both my laptop and the mobile, still no luck. Maybe I’ll reinstall etc (yet again). But now I’m minded to hard wire it into the router to see if that works. I’ll have to order a Cat5 cable from Amazon though first. Thanks again everyone, I’m getting an education in networks and dysfunctionality. I can’t wait to listen to tunes again!

I am a bit baffled though as the radio works from the Naim app… why wouldn’t Spotify? I’m plugging it in tomorrow via a hard wired connection, we’ll see what happens.

Radio works because the Naim App has internet access. Your tablet/phone is possibly on a different internal network to the Muso hence no connection.

Remove the mesh system temporarily and see what happens then. I think many Mesh systems just assume that the networked device just requires an internet connection rather than a LAN.

But doesn’t the Naim Muso and phone need to be on a network? I have connected the phone/laptop to the same network as the Naim but Spotify doesn’t connect, though as said, the radio does. Am I doing something daft?

I think you may have two WiFi networks, one with your phone and the other to your QB. Is your Router WiFi switched on? Does your mesh system have the same SSID as your router?

How would I find both SSIDs? If they’re different, then how would I set both as the same?

The WiFi is currently on, both networks running.

A browse of the wireless networks on your phone should show the strongest WiFi signals, is there one or two for your home ? You may have one for the router and another for the mesh.

Is the Linksys Mesh wired into the router?