Spotify connect not connecting - resolved

Had the following issue that was resolved with a system reset but sharing the symptoms here in case it helps for anyone experiencing similar.

Device: naim uniti star

Issue: Spotify connect was not connecting to the naim. The naim was showing up in the available device list and showed a flashing “connecting” message but would then just time out after a minute or two without any further messaging or error info.

Steps Taken:
o tried on multiple client devices including android, IOS, and windows 10 with the same result.
o all other streaming services working fine including Tidal connect, chromecast, bluetooth, and apple airplay.
o performed a number of ‘resets’ including POR of the naim device, router reset, and reset all of my client side Spotify apps as per instructions on Spotify support website.
o using the naim remote and selecting Spotify from the menu on the naim device, I get the following message → “no user found. please login”
o client devices are on the same network as the naim device and able to ping the naim ip address from my client device
o naim and client firmware and network devices all up to date.

Solution: None of the above fixed the problem. But when I completed a naim factory reset on the uniti star, it cleared the issue. Not sure why a power on reset of the naim doesn’t reset all network interface settings but it is what it is. Hope this helps.

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Similar type problems on tidal has previously been solved by logging out of the tidal account both in the tidal app and on the naim device and logging back in again. This may or may not solve a problem like this. Worth trying since a hard reset resets everything on the naim device.

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I from time to time have the very similar issues. I’ve found that Spotify web player can connect to my streamer even when the native application is stuck. After this Spotify native application gets fixed and connects fine.

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