Spotify connect pausing and sticking

Hi everyone

Over the past few weeks during lockdown I have been using Spotify on my Unitilite, I know I am late to the game. I started with the free trial of premium and and love it.
I was using Bluetooth before realising that I could use Spotify Connect.
However I am having a problem with Spotify stopping, stuttering and pausing. This happens most times and I can’t find a way of stopping it.
It happens when using via Bluetooth or Connect, when using my Xiaomi phone or iPad. I have googled this and others have had problems but seemed to have solved them. I’ve deleted the Apps and reinstalled them, cleared cache, signed out of all devices etc, all without success.
I am using WiFi and have a strong signal with 100 MB fibre optic and have no problems streaming say Netflix or BBC iPlayer.
I played Spotify on my iPad this morning without connecting it to my stereo and it was playing ok that way.
Has anyone else had this problem?

Yes, even with a Wired connection (I can only wire one Muso) I have found that using Spotify on my Laptop rather than my (high spec) Android seems better, am still investigating WiFi channels etc etc… And testing

Thanks for you reply
Please let me know if you find a fix to this problem.
I will give it another month but if I don’t find a solution I will cancel my subscription.

Try to reset your Naim unit.

I had the similar issue with Spotify from time time. My ND555 connects via LAN cable with gigabit switch and fiber optic internet…yet still a problem. I had to reset ND 555 then it works very well now.

Having said that I do not listen to Spotify very often as I prefer Tidal or my own server.

Interesting… tell me more Sir… havn’t looked at Tidal, or your own server… you mean you rip LP’s or DVD to the server hard disk and stream that way ?
What software do you use ?

My LPs are still being play by Turntable Brinkmann, I have lots of files on my server almost 10TB, mostly in WAV, FLAC, AIFF and DSD. I use Roon, and Townky server. I prefer Roon mostly for streaming.

Thanks for the info…

All, morning…

Soo looked at Roon, so you use it to stream ripped music (from CD) and also other Streaming services, so you buy the music on CD of LP, then also pay Tidal (Spotify not currently integrated) and also pay Roon… (by you I mean one) - subscripion mainia…

Why then the subscription Spotify/Tidal/Amazon Qobuz, if you buy the music on CD/LP

Maybe you might make a stress test in your home network. Run simultaneously multiple video/movie streams (Netflix, Amazon prime,…), online games or download large files and then turn on Spotify and start listening music to see if the network traffic affects Spotify’s drop outs.

Spotify’s “download” is referring to offline listening which enables you to listen music in places with limited or no network access like plane or underground. Spotify software in your phone runs the music directly from your device’s Spotify music library (=downloaded music).

The last time I looked at this on Tidal, if I selected an album that I had already downloaded to a portable player, it would automatically choose the downloaded material instead of streaming it. Seems like a sensible use of resources to me, but perhaps Spotify is different?

So far after logging a call with Spotify, they have been most helpful.
I would recommend this if you have drop outs.

I did spend a couple of hours two weeks ago chatting with Spotify via online chat.
They were very nice but ultimately couldn’t fix my problem.

Well at least they have support. Tidal is Mon-Fri :frowning:

“If you’re using Spotify Connect to play music on your WiFi Speaker, then the music will be streamed from our servers, and not from your phone’s downloaded content.”

A shame, what did you try, mine is much much better, the odd drop out but works for me…

Spotify Connect is a different option. I tried to explain how Spotify listening can be done if you are offline. Sorry about the misunderstanding there.

I’ve deleted the apps and reinstalled them, signed out of all devices, cleared the cache.
As I say I have no problems with Netflix streaming and I have really good WiFi.
I have my Loewe TV on a stand in the corner of the room and my Unitilite on a shelf underneath along with a Humax box. I did wonder if there was interference between the devices. I have tried unplugging the TV Whilst using Spotify but the problem remains.
It’s a shame as I am new to Spotify premium and love it, but this is annoying me as I have to keep closing the app and reopening it again every time is starts playing up.

None at all Sir, all good thanks for the tips

Did Spotify support check your account, they did for me (scroll up) that made a lot of difference… Email them at “" they have been responding almost immediatly 24x7 with me.
So far have been streaming from my phone 8 hrs (to MuSo’s Gen1 not Unitilite) with maybe 2 drop outs, hardly noticable…

I agree, tied Tidal as a test, IMHO pants app (TBF I know Spotify now), it wouldn’t connect at all and their support is Mon to Fri only, I emailed and silence whereas Spotify have been on it for the last 3 days…

The only slight difference is I was going Wired from my Sky router to the Muso and WIreless to all the QBs

Now I go Sky router to 1GB switch and fan out that way (still 1 Muso Wired and 2 x Wireless) as I plan to go all wired, which makes a lot of sense, much better and guaranteed throuput than Wireless especilly when transferring lots of music around…

Can you go Wired from your Unit to your Wi-Fi router ?? Just as a test buy a cable ?