Spotify Connect wont work


I’m new to the forum and wondered if anyone is having problems with Spotify on their Naim Muso

I’ve had a Naim Muso for five years. I dip in and out of Spotify premium and in the past I’ve been able to see the Muso as an available device and play WiFi streamed audio through Spotify Connect. However this time the Muso is not shown as available in Spotify whereas other devices are (Chromecast Audio for example).

I’ve been in conversation with Spotify support who were helpful and suggested several fixes but none worked and they finally referred me to Naim who have given me a work ticket but nothing else after ten days.

I’ve done all the usual checks/reboots/reinstalled Naim and Spotify software etc. Both are installed on my phone, tablet and MacBook Pro. Everything is on the same network, everything else works except Spotify Connect.

The only suggestion I haven’t been able to check is a re install of the Muso Firmware I cant find any way to do that on the Naim app. My current streamer version is 1.8.00

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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