Spotify drop outs

Over the years and now with a different naim streamer I still seem to suffering from dropouts on Spotify Connect it works great on the phone and through Alexa but once connected to the streamer you get drop outs! I re booted everything inc deleting the app but still the same, over the years a new router too it really is annoying! Naim say they dont know and I have tried most things to no avail. Any ideas or is anyone else getting these issues. Streaming radio and other devices I have no issues. Thanks

Yep, same problem at home for me. Periodic glitch whether it be me of my daughter’s use on iOS. Tried all the usual logging in/out or power down/delete app options to no avail. Just seems to be a bug that won’t go away. Tbh doesn’t bother me that much because I generally use Qobuz for “proper” listening and Spotify for background listening. Sometimes get a similar glitch on Internet radio, so I thought it might be a buffering issue, but it doesn’t glitch in quite the same way, so none the wiser.

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