Spotify “ERROR” cant contact spotify

I just changed from broadband to fiber and got a new modem. I connected the Wi-Fi from the NDX to the wireless Netwerk. It is visible and the NDX says it is connected. But now, Spotify says it can’t connect to the music service. And on the Spotify app it doesn’t show the NDX as an option for streaming, which previously worked well.

I am running 6.0. I am unclear if I have a firewall issue on the router, a software issue between the MDX and the router, or some other issue. Please help. I am missing my music!

So internet music does not work. the only thing that does is Apple TV through the TOS link. What ports does the NDX need open? Can anyone point me to technical information on the NDX on a network with a firewall?

Restart your router first, wait , then restart the Ndx and install again the app. Should work.
If not, try to reset a new password for Spotify.

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