Spotify just announced, Spotify HiFi!

Maybe it is too soon to know but what important is for me is if my SuperUniti will be able to stream this new HiFi subscription without needing new firmware.

Maybe a Naim tech can answer this? Thanks!


Limited information available so far:

Spotify HiFi will be available later this year, according to the company, and “will deliver music in CD-quality, lossless audio format to your device and Spotify Connect-enabled speakers, which means fans will be able to experience more depth and clarity while enjoying their favorite tracks.”

Interesting, also with regards to the other Spotify topic :wink:

I’m just worried this needs a new firmware upgrade since I have to setup the Spotify account and bitrate on the SuperUniti itself.

Please Naim, if possible please add it when available. :pray:

Umm how much I pm I wonder…

When Spotify is ready to make any full announcement - as opposed to today’s teaser - we’ll be able to comment further. But rest assured we continue to work closely with Spotify and our other music-service partners to bring as many developments as possible to our product ranges.


Seems to infer it will be via Spotify connect.

Thinking it will just show up on all products compatible with Spotify Connect? We’ll see.

Great news.

As soon as Spotify starts offering CD quality streaming I will cancel my tidal subscription.


Wow that’s a turn up. No mention of hires at all and it’s going to be a different tier price wise.

Will it be easy for Roon to incorporate Spotify?

Had to happen sooner or later. Be interesting to see whether offer anything better than 44.1/16.

'Til then I’m prob staying with Qobuz.


No, it’s nothing to do with formats its Spotifies unwillingness to give Roon what they need to make it work and Roon unwillingness to compromise on how they incorporate services. Spotify only care about your data not music, they push access to use their app and not 3rd parties so they can mine it. Spotify is the product not music according to their Execs.


Thankyou. BTW…Spotify is not the only firm doing that re data… do you use Google products?

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Google still lets you use, e.g., IMAP and SMTP to talk to Gmail, or Firefox to let you use Google search. Refusing this would be what would be comparable to Spotify

Spotify pays artists less than a third of Tidal


It still harvests data regardless of your steps.Anyway, going off topic…let’s get back to Spotify offering CD streaming.

Yes, but at least some services can be used with open protocols if I choose so. That’s the difference to Spotify