Spotify (premium) vs Tidal (premium)

Is the a (big) difference between Spotify (premium) vs Tidal (premium)?

And i’m asking about the sound quality.

They are both 320 Kpbs, so it could be the same??

And what offer is available for Tidal? 30 days free, bus also a 4 month for a €4,- a month. Is it still available?

I do have a SN3 + NDX. Now with Spotify premium.

When I used Spotify I moved to Tidal and recently moved to Qobuz when it arrived in the US. Between Spotify and Tidal, Tidal sounded better on my system, my room, with my ears. At the time I ran ND5 XS then a NDX with a SN2. Today I have a NDX 2 with the SN2 and prefer the sound of Qobuz.

If you don’t see the offer I would email TIDAL and tell them you are interested and ask them what the best deal they can offer for you to switch. It never hurts to ask and you may end up with a better deal then you expected.

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It’s the lossless Tidal HiFi sub you want if you’re looking for better sound quality.

If both are offering 320kbps then I would go with Spotify - it’s library is much bigger and does a better job with playlists.

Spotify doesn’t offer lossless formats, so if you want 16/44 streaming (or better) then go with Tidal Hifi or Qobuz.

Purely on sound quality, I thought that the 320kbps Tidal was much better. The Spotify catalogue is broader though, so it depends where your tastes lie. The main decider for me was the Tidal/ Roon integration. I am listening to a lot more music now, and have sprung for the lossless version of Tidal since subscribing to Roon.

With all due respect you’ve got well over £6k worth of kit so why are you restricting yourself to lowly MP3 music, it deserves much better.


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