Spotify stuck on Chromecast

Hi all, new Atom and when I play through Spotify it connects to atom using Chromecast and I can’t get atom to use spotify connect. When I got into spotify then devices the atom won’t show up. Naim says log Atom into spotify but I can’t find a way to do that. Any help much appreciated!

Have you used the guide published here?

This did not work. The spotify app shows up with chromecast icon on it. Can’t get it removed.


What happens when you click on the Spotify icon in the Naim app?

It appears with chromecast attached. There is no other option other than airplay

Just tried it on my Star… I usually play Tidal/ FLAC or Internet Radio, so it’s been a while since I last played Spotify. I vaguely recall having had issues too months ago, but it’s been so long I do not recall if that was the same use case as yours… When starting Spotify via the Naim App, when I open my Star as the playback channel from the Spotify app, it’s clearly playing over Spotify Connect. So no issues with this Uniti unit. What firmware is your Atom on?

the new update 3.6.0

Hi @johnah5

This will be the wifi router blocking mDNS / Apple Bonjour traffic for some reason.

On new devices Spotify uses this discovery mechanism to find the device. Once found and the user connects then it then registers inside the Spotify cloud and its then easier for it to connect to it.

I would suggest:

  1. Reboot your Wifi router - we have seen many a wifi router running with network services crashed internally. They may work for some casual internet browsing, but UDP based discovery services are broken.

  2. Make sure the Atom is not behind a cable router. We have seen various customers wire up networks incorrectly and end up with Atom->Cable router (this filters the traffic firewall style)->Wifi Router->Internet. Some of the home mesh router systems like Google Nest out there can introduce problems like that.

  3. See if Apple Airplay works. It uses the same system for discovery.

  4. The Wifi router may have broken bridging between Wifi and Wired (not uncommon on free ISP provided routers). One work around is briefly connect the Atom to Wifi - then connect to Spotify as it will then discover, then put the Atom back to wired.

  5. There is a chain of switches feeding more switches, temporarily put the Atom as close as possible to the Wifi router. There maybe a misconfiguration in one of the switches which is filtering Bonjour traffic.

Hope that helps


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

And after all that, it should work like this.

Play something, click on the little speaker icon.

Select your device, click on the 3 dots on the right hand side.

Choose Spotify connect if it isn’t already selected.

Steve Thanks but here is the odd thing which may confirm or refute you solution. My iphone can see my Atom and run spotify connect. When I take my atom to my friends I can see his atom and run spotify connect on his. In fact when I logged out all devices on spotify his atom didn’t have a spotify connection. Does that change anything or should we proceed with your solution?

Hi @johnah5

Maybe a restart of your phone might be a better first step to try. If that doesn’t improve matters then go through the steps I listed above.



SOLUTION. Odd thing. We could see the Atom via airplay but not connect via spotify. So we brought the troublesome atom to my house where connection via internet etc was perfect. We plugged it in and my friend was able to connect to his Atom easily. He then took his Atom back to his place where the internet/router was a problem and the connection he made at my house was continued and all was fixed. So something very odd was at play in my friends internet to precent spotify from seeing his atom. Hope that makes sense


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