Spousal Success Story

I recently signed up for Qobuz. Been running that on a MacBook into a Qutest with my 32.5/hicap/250 and ATC HTS 7s. The sound quality is excellent and the variety of music is great. They have pretty much all the albums of one of my wife’s favorite artists, who recently passed away. It’s also very easy to use.

A couple nights ago I was in a different part of the house and heard my wife take the system for a spin. First time in 17 years!

My work here is done.


Similarly, I persuaded mine to toss her box of cassette tapes and put the same music on a tidal playlist. I now share the system, but that’s all good.

Congrats! My other half uses qobuz on her phone with the phone as the speaker, as do the kids (and then only for Little Mix).

Same here. My wife had never used my system on her own. After I added a NDX2 and Roon with Qobuz she started playing it for herself. Not often, but more than not at all.

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