Spring Clean C19 Lockdown

Seem to spend allot of time cleaning one thing, then going OTT OCD around the kitchen, etc…

So turned my attention to the system, the Fraim is a damn dust magnet, dusting turned into a total power down, unplug and the plug a few times, re looped the NACA5 is that zig zag type formation.

Result, sweaty, tired, aching back, result sound wise nothing, unusual but none of the connectors had visible oxidation.

I choose not to try moving equipment and glass tapping on the Fraim, as had nightmares of the old Stage 9 and 7 Mana setups, now that was a day long mission.

Having pent up frustrations at this time, perhaps a system breakdown and clean might not be the best thing.
I have found that spending a good few hours with a positive calm and methodical approach - alone, is best.
My advice is to leave the system just as a listening refuge and escape away from everything.

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