SQ Impact Report: NDX2 Stacked on NAC552

That’s of course true. Just don’t turn it up!:crazy_face:


I think your system looks great. If you are happy with it then leave it alone. You have set it up carefully. I had my system in cabinets and it looked nice tucked away. I perfectly understand not wanting to change what you have.

I now have 3 stacks of Fraim. There’s £7000 of racking. Personally I think Fraim sounds better, it looks better and I am pleased with it. It’s individual choice.

I have made massive changes to my living room where my system dwells and have moved furniture, got rid of one large sofa and changed alot of my kit. The results have been wonderful.

The main thing is to enjoy the music!

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Well said @Dan_M ! Thanks for sharing; I know fraims are good kit and can look nice whilst optimizing performance.

In my application I’d need:
2x Fraim Base @ $1,939: $3,878
10x Fraim Levels @ $1,149: $11,499
Total: $15,368 (if my retailer gives me a 10% break on tax)!
And still need my bookcase for LPs!

…for that $ plus trades, I take home a NAP500DR :thinking:

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Maybe look at this, around 1k US dollars for 4 shelves.


Custom Design Milan Compact HiFi Stand Specifications

  • Standard Configuration: 4-Levels - 1 x 110mm (4.3in) + 3 x 150mm (5.9in)
  • Shelf Dimensions (WxD): 410 x 400mm (16.1 x 15.7in)
  • Internal Width: 320mm (12.6in)
  • Total Height: 585mm (23in) (includes thickness of glass shelves)
  • Optional Spacings Available include: 110mm (4.3in), 150mm (5.9in), 200mm (7.9in), 250mm (9.8in) and 350mm (13.8in)

I have bought alot of my Fraim used and some new. It is very expensive. I have 3 Fraim bases and then 4 Fraimlite shelves, all with cups, balls and glass and 7 Fraim shelves.

A used 500DR would be preferable. I picked one up recently and absolutely love it.

If you can get a 500DR you will love it! I haven’t looked back at all since changing out my 135s.

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Nice. I know there are other purpose built designs that could eke out a bit more performance. The point is that I like the furniture and have no plans to go down that route at the moments.

The test informs me that given my constraints, I’m not losing that much by stacking my next on my 552.

Thanks for your response @frenchrooster


I used to listen to a 500 at work, it’s good. I’ll get there one day.

Now tell me where you got that naim ball cap :billed_cap: That’s what I really want in the meantime!

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It was a present from @GeoffC. He thought it would help me with my chemotherapy which I am currently having. See Dan’s Thread!


Part of my therapy has been big system upgrades! Makes me feel good. Music feeds my soul and keeps my mind strong to fight cancer!


Sounds like you’ve got a fighting spirit! Best luck with your therapy :muscle:

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Definitely @Renegade6six. Keeping positive and loving my system and Naim forum. This forum has provided me with so much help and support from fellow music lovers and Naim fans.

You are all wonderful and sending you all my best wishes! Peace and love to you all :heart_eyes:

The 500DR is a great upgrade. So glad I went for it. It involved sacrifices, selling CDS2 and 2 x 135s and still need to sell my XPS2. And some extra cash spent on top. But well worth it if you can stretch to the 500DR.

I am using it with a 52 Supercap 2 (both serviced) and it works brilliantly. So obviously a 552DR would be nice. But I am not there yet.

I’ve done what I can to move towards a full 500 system. Not far off and the journey has been wonderful!


Another option to experiment with (if not already done), might be to try some extra isolation feet between stacked boxes. This would increase the space between electronics/power and may reduce micro vibrations. Advice offered to me in the past was to use Stillpoints. They were above my budget, so I found other aluminium/ceramic bead/rubber ring options from a known Asian site (now repurposed for shelf isolation).


I would never stack regardless, invariably leads to round marks in the powder coated surface after a while.

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The 552 isn’t powder coat finish. It’s brushed baby :man_artist::sparkles:

Available in both, so…:man_shrugging:

Mine’s brushed and stacked :sunglasses:

Sure, your stuff your choices…:smirk: