Squeezebox server and Qobuz

Solved the language display.

Now I have a high res test download to play via Squeezebox Duet.
The Duet doesn’t natively play very high res but there is a Qobuz plug in that does, but it will only play at low res mp3 320 mode unless you are logged in as a premium member or whatever it’s called. So I have paid for a high res download but the Qobuz plug in won’t play it.


Now to search for a sqbx compatible hi res player plug in.

To test the quobuz download I can play via software on the pc but will have to string some interconnects across the floor to the Qutest tmporarily.

Update for anyone running logitech/sqbx.

Sqbx duet natively can not be software updated above its native wav/wma capability.

The sqbx Touch can be via software plug in, enhanced optical output.

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