SSD drive recommendations?

I installed a 1 TB Samsung EVO SSD in my 2012 Mac Mini, installed Roon Core/Control, and attached my SqueezeBox Touch via coax to my ND5-XS. Now I am playing high-res files off my NAS, TIDAL and Qobuz.

Very cool. Roon rocks, and so does Qobuz. TIDAL classical sucks. Qobuz looks far better. Just having access to all the classical is worth the cost alone. :slight_smile:

The Beek did a piece on it
Was that the one that was a casing around a pc type motherboard which was not specifically designed for that purpose?

In the end I decided the Roon Nucleus is a rather overpriced piece of kit, given you can do the exact same thing for a lot less. I appreciate that people like an off the shelf, out of the box neat solution, but once I did some analysis I realized the cost is just too excessive to my threshold of pain. For now, running Roon Core/Control on my Mac Mini seems to work just fine. I changed out the drive for a fast 1 TB SSD at 1/10 the cost of Nucleus. If I want to run Roon Rock later I can get a 3rd party NUC for a lot less and set it up myself.

I’m not sure Jim - i lost interest in the video about 4 minutes in. It’s an Intel NUC board which seems to be the standard recommendation from Roon to run the ROCK software. As Roon point out (and kindly provides all the info), you can easily go and build your own solution or buy one of the many solutions available from 3rd parties if you don’t want to use a Nucleus. A few years back i’d have probably built my own but having spent quite a few years playing with computer audio in various forms, the turnkey Nucleus solution appealed and for me works superbly. Others needs and budgetary considerations may be different.

I signed up with Roon on 25/Jan, the day Qobuz support was announced, and two months later have Roon ROCK running on a NUC7i7DNKE in an Akasa Plato X7D fanless case, along with, for good measure, an internal Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD. Roon ROCK recognised the SSD and offered to format it. I’m mentioning this tech stuff in case anyone wants to know if this recipe works.

It works perfectly with my Nova (via RAAT) and having Qobuz Sublime+ I can now listen to more Hi-Res gapless music than I will ever have time for. Roon also supports my Mu-so (Airplay) and iPhone.

Roon ROCK publishes the SSD in its /data/ share. To add music, you mount this on a Mac or PC and drag music to it. Roon integrates this with your library, along with music from other file servers and Qobuz favourites.

It’s a totally brilliant solution, in one little silent box.


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