Stack this!

How would you stack the following in one stack / rack:

552 DR / PS
300 DR / PS
RP 10 / PS

I don’t need feedback that 2 stacks would be better (I am aware of this already). I would use 2 stacks if I could, but space won’t allow.

Is a wall shelf an option?

I do have a wall shelf for the RP 10… currently not in use… could press it into use.

Ive had my RP-8 on top of Fraim for a while, with zero footfall issues. Unless you need the room, from a stability standpoint the Rega on top of Fraim seems pretty good.

I wouldn’t fancy the RP10 on top of an eight tier stack though. Seven is a push. But if needs must then I’d go (from top down and assuming TT on the shelf)


*If the RP10PS lead isn’t long enough then move that up to below the 300DR but keep it as far as possible from the Superline.

There is no signal component to the RP10 PS… given that… would there be any downside to putting it on the floor underneath the rack?

It would work but might not sound as good. Depends on what the rack is I suppose.

I would think that the motor power supply could sit happily on the floor without hurting the sound.

Marksnaim’s order looks about right but don’t assume the TTps won’t benefit from a rack or support of some sort. On the other hand the Rega electronics I’ve had were’t nearly as fussy as Naim’s, except if you used a Naim power lead on them, they don’t seem to like that.

If it’s Fraim racking then I can understand the width issue but what about getting something bespoke made up that will allow 2 units on each shelf but much closer together?

Not sure how you’d even access your RP10 if it’s mounted on 8 levels of racking.

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