Stacking 135s?

Evening all,
I appreciate stacking equipment directly on top of each other is not the done thing but can one make an exception for 135’s if pushed for space?
Apologies if this has been asked before!

Not a great idea, if you can avoid it, as they generate quite a bit of heat (despite their inbuilt fan).

PS I see that you have Falcon LS3/5As. Do you have those on the end of your NAP135s? (I have just bought a pair, to be used with a NAIT 50.)

You can do whatever you like or need, but for optimal performance, one piece of kit per shelf of your rack.


Yes they are on the end of the 135’s.
I like them a lot.
My room is 5m x 3m.
Best placement from wall took a bit of time to establish (350 - 400mm) with a small amount of toe in preferred in my case. Tried 2 pairs of stands, a high mass (Atacama) and a more open medium mass which I opted for (custom design FS104).
My best suggestion if you don’t know already is invest in some Gaia isolation feet for whatever stands you end up with.
Try them after you have your new Falcons all set up and sounding sweet and prepare to be amazed!
Hope you enjoy.

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I stacked mine for about 2 yrs due to lack of rack space. Didn’t feel it was a problem sound wise and they certainly didn’t get too hot. I invested in a 2nd rack when I bought a streamer so now they are on separate shelves.


It’s personal choice, nothing more. As you say it’s not the done thing, but if you do it then I doubt that the sky will fall in on top of you or that the Naim Police will come knocking at your door.

I personally would have concerns about degrading the performance and also about possible long-term effects from insufficient ventilation such as premature component failure.

If I absolutely had to do it then I would put some sort of spacers in between such as wooden blocks to aid ventilation and reduce any possible interaction slightly.


Not ideal, but the world will not end if you do… :crazy_face:

@Paul52135 has said he did this - and found it to be OK.

Your Choice is…?

JV had Nap 135’s standing up on the short end transformers closest to the floor,a little bit like the Statement nowadays.


As I remember it was to improve ventilation. Can’t say I’ve ever felt the need. Maybe I’m just a lightweight and not playing them loud enough :joy:

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Interesting…I would like a bit more space at the side of my Fraim where my SC2 sits (on a small stand). Gonna try this…good enough for Julian is fine by me.

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Thanks to all for your P.O.V.
we’re all interested in maximising SQ and the effects on SQ if we do something, hence the question.
You can see I was being specific about the 135’s as opposed to other equipment. I haven’t needed to do it yet but I might and I have a feeling it won’t effect SQ!
Heat build up seems a valid concern but maybe not in my situation, driving Falcons at modest volumes.
Good point about using something to increase the gap between and improve isolation of the amps, I was considering sorbothane pads under each foot to increase the gap by 10mm.


And in a cupboard, I think I read…? May have been 250’s…?

I stacked 6xNAP135 in a tower fashion when sparking up the DBLs…sounded just fine to me. Later, I actually got a Target rack to give a bit of space inbetween them…
Couldn’t really tell that much of a difference!


Your call of course but I really wouldn’t use sorbothane or any other kind of rubber. Does some very peculiar things to the sound in my experience. Stick with wood or even small aluminium blocks (try eBay) which would match the material of the casework.

I had 72/HC/135s stacked sitting directly on the floor for a number of years. Sounded just fine and was using Rogers LS3/5a playing mostly industry synth and Wagner.

Dont be afraid to experiment and find out what works for you. Just make sure you have the NACA5 plugged in when you switch on.

I had my first pair stacked for 6 years using just their rubber feet. That did leave a slight ring for each foot on the crackle finish of the lower one.

They sounded excellent. Not ideal but unavoidable at the time. I did trip the fans but not too often and not for long.


Or maybe acrylic, the material Naim uses in the Statements, to separate the ps from the circuit board, or something like that.

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Good call.

Apparently bamboo blocks were in fashion not too long ago.

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