Stacking Banana Plugs for Rel Sub Addition?

You’ll notice that REL make no mention of the need to connect at the speaker end instead of the amp end due to their effect on the particular inductance and capacitance requirements of the speaker cables.
Whilst it may be best practice to connect at the speaker end, and forum wisdom certainly says this, my dealer insists that it’s unnecessary. He’s a long standing Naim and Rel dealer, and he always connects Rel subs to the power amp, not the speakers, when using a high level connection.

REL doesn’t do itself any favor not spelling this out clearly so different opinions and experiences can be found on the big wide internet. Reach out to REL to be sure if you need to. I have one system at amp end and another at speaker end. Both are working fine thank God. :slight_smile:

Yeah, just open the sheath on the supplied cable. I did that for years when I had just one sub, so I could split yellow and red to left/right speakers. So what if you butcher it. I don’t think it’s all that expensive to replace if you want to.

That’s right. It is dirt cheap to replace!

I did that at first, and it sounded much better after I changed to the speaker terminals. And with a 250-2/DR before and a 300DR now, I don’t see the reason not to do it the right way. I don’t need to take chances with it.

There’s a reason REL makes a Naim-specific version of the Bassline Blue cable for amp connections.

And to be exact, on my naim system, it is connected at the speaker end. I asked this question a while ago and our lovely @Richard.Dane suggested speaker end also so the amp does not “see” the REL and may avoid instability.

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Exactly…and that’s what my Naim/REL dealer recommends, and why he made up the custom cables for me when I went to a stereo pair of subs.

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I may be following in your footsteps and get a second one if all goes well. And quite possibly even change the Epos-14’s for something else - Dynaudios’s are on the short list!

My dealer insists the Confidence C2 Platinums I have are an all-time sweet spot in the Dynaudio lineup. I love them and have no desire to change.

If I had some serious money to spend on it I would replace my stereo pair of REL R-328 with a four-pack if REL S/510. My dealer has a six-pack and they are scary.

On any normal amp it’s fine to hook up at the amp end. With Naim with their non-standard output stage Naim recommends connecting at the speaker end. Frankly I think it should make no difference the REL high level is like 150k ohms and presents no real load to the amp. It’s purely a signal reference.

It’s not the load that matters. It’s the output inductance. Naim amp design depends on getting that correct from the speaker cable. Apparently, the REL high level sub cable interferes.

The 510’s look very nice.

RE: the inductance I still have a hard time getting my head around that adding the Rel cable to the speaker end doesn’t change it but the amp end does. Something is added in both cases.

A pair of subs is definitely great for Naim. Feels a little like knee reconstruction, do one knee first or both knees at the same time. :smiley:

@JosquinDesPrez , 6-pack?! Thats some serious cash! I don’t know if I would stack them up or spread them around just for the visual effect. Stacking definitely makes them more powerful unless their legs are so good, nothing get passed to the next unit.

If adding a simple small gauge low impedance, low resistance, low capacitive, low inductance cable makes a Naim amp get the willys maybe Naim should beef up the amp. Although to be fair the new amps are fine with this. I think it’s the older pre 2000 amps.?

I tend to agree it is the older amps that are more sensitive to inductance. That said, I am illiterate in this matter. My cable and amp are not getting hot and SQ is awesome. That’s how I know it is working. :stuck_out_tongue:

They are designed to be stacked. In fact, the Neutrik connectors daisy chain from one to the next. The REL website has more info.

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Or if that really bothers you maybe Naim isn’t for you? :man_shrugging:

I just assume Naim engineering knows what they are doing, and I have no basis for second guessing them. I certainly don’t have the engineering expertise to suggest they need to beef up their amps, for any reason. It doesn’t bother me to just take their advice on how to integrate REL subs. I’ve spent enough money that I rather just do it right, then forget about it so I can get to the real business of enjoying my record collection. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would like to have just a pair of 510s. I’m told they are a huge improvement over my old R-328s. But I have planned to stop upgrading once I got to this point.

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I know they are and have seen those pics. Just saying I may not be able to resist the temptation to spread them out for the visual impact. :smiley:

I have heard the stacked 6-pack with Dynaudio Contour 60. It is mind blowing.

One can never have too many subs. :stuck_out_tongue:

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