Stacking help 552/300/Nd55/cd555/3ps

After reading the many forum pages I am still confused, before it was sort of brain/brawl for sources combo

Is there a kind soul to let me know a a stacking order for

3 PS555

I have 2 large shelf, 2 base and 5 medium

After cleaning I am reorginazing all and not much head left

To start this off…

Left stack suggestion would be as follows, top to bottom

Large shelf - 552
Large shelf - CD555
Med shelf - ND555
Base - 300 HU

552 should sound better on top and it all depends on whether you are happy with the CD555 under a large shelf.

Right stack would be power supplies of course. I would put the 552 PS on top and then make cabeling the priority for the other supplies.

How was it before?

And when you are putting this lot back together try and remember its a fatanstic problem to have.:heart_eyes:


Thank you

It ended it up like this:)


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