Stacking Order ( again!)

I know this topic comes up again and again but I would like to make sure I have deciphered the right information from the numerous posts I have read please.

I have been lucky enough to secure a pre-loved NAP 500 and NAC 552 and thats what is driving my question.
I have two racks from Symbol Audio in NY which give me a total of 8 slots for equipment. Both racks have turntable isolation platforms on them and thats where my modified GyroDec will sit along with the PS 3 MKII phone stage from Icon Audio .

My system will be 500/552/NDX2 (the latter powered by a 555 PS DR) . I also have a Uniti Serve and a DAC v-1 for headphone duties . My current plan is below, where 4 is the top slot and 1 the bottom

Left Stack - Brains

4 - 552
3 - NDX2
2- Uniti Serve
1- 500

Right Stack - Brawn
4 - 500
3 - 555
2 - DAC V-1
1- 552

All feedback , advice and guidance appreciated

Terry Smith

I would have put the DAC V1 in the brains section , basically my understanding is that you try and remove the delicate signals from the boxes that do the heavy lifting of power supply and volume.
I am sure others will be able to dissect it more, but it sounds a cracking system and I hope you are very happy with it.

Thanks Ian
I guess the other option is I put both the Unitiserve and the DAC V-1 on the brains side ( they will easily fit) and leave an empty shelf on the brawn
As for the system overall , the 500 arrived yesterday and 552 arrives Tuesday , can’t wait !

I think I would want to keep the Unitiserve off the rack altogether, although you presumably want it there to use the V1 over SPDIF. It will be vibrating at least a little when the disc spins, and the smps will be fairly close by.
You could always consider a headphone amp/DAC running from the NDX2 digital out, then the US could be relocated elsewhere in your house as it would only be used as a UPnP server.

Hi Terry, sounds good to me. But there are people on this forum who know oodles more than me.
And who have far deeper pockets than me :wink:

The US is rarely used these days . It’s only to rip ( and occasionally play ) CD’s , most of which are free CD’s from Mojo, Uncut etc.
Given I have had it for 10 years I feel I have had my money’s worth and it gets me over the emotional thing of not having a CD source. The DAC V1 is connected SPDIF to the NDX2 and I also have an old wooden battery operated Grado headphone amp for Vinyl headphone duties

In that case I think I’d want to try removing the US from the rack altogether. Alternatively perhaps just keep it powered down if it’s rarely used. Perhaps the same for the V1, but this is all speculation!

Do the US and V-1 have that much impact if they are just powered on but not being used ? Powering the V1 on and off is no issue but the US is a more of a faff

I wouldn’t like to say how much of an audible impact this would have, I guess trial and error is the only way. The US does have a smps that will be relatively close to your rack, and at one stage, mine used to whirr away constantly even when unused.

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