Stacking order for three stacks

A lot of recommendations to be found concerning the stacking order for two stacks, so here my experiences with three stacks.

I have chosen to use three stacks, as this is less high than two stacks and as such more appealing to my eyes.
I use a custom made rack for some years now. When it was designed, I did not consider free hanging Burndy cables but wanted the rack to be as low as possible. In hindsight maybe not the best of all design decisions, but still I really like the look of this rack and it sounds quite good.

Based on many helpful threads and comments on this forum (thanks everybody) I tried several options and now found this stacking order to deliver the best sonic results:

300 DR Head

Rega P9
552 DR PS
300 PS
(Rega PS)

Tuner and Laptop
555 PS
(and an old backup CD player hardly used)

Hidden behind the right stack are the power supply for the tuner and the USB-SPDIF-converter.

This stacking order allows the 552 Burndy to hang free, the 300 Burndies are supported by the solid back wall (some layers of flexible packaging material between the cables and the wall), the 555 Burndy is supported by a sponge on the floor.

Prior to this setup, I tried configurations with 300 and 555 Burndies hanging free, but this came with the drawback of the 300 head not located on the brain stack.

So it seems for my system the best compromise is to have priority on brain/brawn separation and free hanging 552 Burndy.

Happy to read your comments and suggestions, cheers, p.

A really nice looking system! I bet it sounds really good as well! :+1:


Thanks! Indeed quite happy now :slight_smile:

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What about the Supercap DR for the Superline :thinking:


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This would surely be a nice improvement, but no idea where I could place it.

I see you have additional sources, normally I would say get rid of the power or pre 2 boxes,
The phonostage is more important than the pre

There’s always a way, just needs a bit of thinking


Another shelf on each stack would could help to take the strain off some of those Burndys as well as giving you somewhere to put a supercap should you be tempted. :grin:

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