Stacking order of components, help please

I have a 4 shelf Fraim incoming. Since I will be taking my system apart and reassembling it in the Fraim, I thought I would get the stacking order correct.
I have 4 components, SN2, Hicap DR, NDX2 and XPS-DR. I would really like to place the Hicap-DR on the top shelf for aesthetic reasons.
I am open to suggestions on the best stacking order. Thanks!

What height legs do the Fraim levels have?

Your ideal goal is keeping the power supplies away from what they’re powering and remember the cabling is fussy and appreciates being prepared appropriately and to be free hanging.

I’m guessing you only have a single base level and standard height legs?

I’ll put in a starter for 10, top to bottom:


I’d say the key aspects will be ensuring the Fraim levels are setup up and levelled at each level setting the equipment on each level as you build it then cabling at the end.

Don’t under estimate the benefit of patience with cable dressing, also site the HiCap on the right side of the Fraim level, so it’s in line with the AC IEC input of the other equipment. This will keep your power supplies to the right and away from the sensitive preamp it’s feeding in your NAIT.
It’s tempting to locate it centrally as it looks more symmetrical but it’s doing an important job supplying power to your NAIT preamp so it’ll pay to isolate it as much as you can.


I will have the double base Fraim and 3 levels for a total 0f 4 shelves. The shelves are the shortest at 115mm.


Keep the XPS as far away from the NDX2 as possible


@DanielH as @cdboy says is how I would set mine up also to be honest

That’s what I’d do too.

When I had these 4 boxes, that was the order I had too.

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