Stacking order question (Sorry, but I think this one is unique)

So, we finished the new construction and both the architect and my wife ganged up on me and I lost the space for the Fraim. I ended up with a really beautiful built in custom cabinet for hifi, though I’m going to have to cobble together something for acoustic isolation one of these days.

In the mean time, I’d like some advice on stacking order. The cabinet is tall with multiple adjustable shelves supported by prongs on holes in the cabinet walls. Yes, I am aware it is not ideal acoustically, but it is what I have. I need to arrange my entire setup vertically.
I searched the archive extensively, but since my cabinet has more shelves than are allowed to be in a single Fraim stack, I couldn’t find an answer.

I need to stack the following: NDS, 555PS DR, 552, 552PS, 250 (olive, believe it or not; yes, I need a new amp). The amp will be replaced in the near future by either a 500 or 300. So I’d love recommendations on both stacking order for what I currently have and also the order for once I have an amp with separate power supply.

Sorry to contribute to the plethora of other stacking questions, but I really did try to find an answer off the archive before posting this.

I hope you are all safe and well.

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I’d do 552 at the top, then NDS, space, 250, 552PS, 555PS. When the 300 comes put the head unit in the space, leave where the 250 currently is as a space and then slot the PS in a space you leave at the very bottom from the beginning.

Presumably you have a large gap behind the shelves so that the burndies and interconnects can hang free.


Thank you HH. Yes about the gaps behind the shelving. Though I did lose the Fraim, I maintained input on the design of the cabinet… :slight_smile:

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