Stacking order question

Two columns of Hutter.

Left colum is, from the bottom, 200 with Powerline, XPS2 abd HCDR2 at the top with a shelf on top which accommodates a table lamp and some boxed sets.

Right column is bottom 2 shelves full of more boxed sets, 202 and then CDX2.


Table lamp and boxes CDX2
HCDR 202
XPS2 Boxes
200 Boxes

Hi-Line on the CDX2. Remaining power from a Musicline Powerigel. NAPSC off on the floor well away from both columns.


These are on the right long wall as I look at my speakers. Powerigel and NAPSC are to the left of both columns effectively behind my right speaker. Np other options available. Sofa to the right of the above two columns. Table lamp is non-negotiable for both of us.

Two things I might consider trying:
202 above CD player, if practicable.
200 above Hicap

Swap left and right maybe? Keep the AC power cables away from the interconnects.

If it’s not already connected to the Powerigel then connect the NAPSC to that too and don’t worry about keeping it away from the rest of the system.

202 above CDX2 is practicable. Ditto 200 above HC2DR. I’ve heard about putting the pre above the CDP before and the power above the power supply (XPS2) but not the HC2DR. Are gains tangible? Will it make cabling any easier? I can’t quite envisage how it separates interconnects from power cables.

NAPSC already on the Powerigel thanks. Swapping the left and right columns may be an issue because of speaker cable lengths and the location of the Powerigel.

I certainly find a small improvement from putting the preamp on top rather that the source, and others here have said the same. Trial and error is the best way, I think. There are always compromises, and sometimes it’s down to what makes the most sense with cable dressing.

Thanks @ChrisSU.

Anyone have any thoughts on


which is what I have deduced from many other threads on here?

So if you have two stacks, power on right and sources/pres on left?

Better than power on bottom and source/pres on top?

All the power supplies and power amps have their big transformers at the right hand side of their cases (as you look at them) so putting them in the right hand stack gets those bits further away from the delicate stuff.

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Would that be offset in any way by having the CD player then at the same Ievel as the 200 according to the above suggestions?

No further responses so far. I’m wondering about switching the volume around as suggested but does that really separate the power cables and interconnects if the Powerigel still has to stay to the left of the left stack? I’m looking down the back of my system and struggling to visualise the gain.

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