Stacking Order

Has anyone got any views on how or in what order components should be stacked.

Below is a sketch of my intensions. Any thoughts or advice.

Not sure I would put the NAPSC on top of the 202, rather on the floor off the rack.

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I’d swap the 202 and NDX and put the napsc on the floor. It seems awfully high, especially with the TT on top. Could you have two racks, or maybe lose either the ND or CD?

I would put the HiCaps at the bottom - swap with the 250. Then move the 202 higher up - and hide the NAPSC somewhere… As @biddler66 said.

Presumably you’re moving the 202 away from the power supplies and amp. Assuming a CD player or an NDX has to go on the shelf above the amp, which is best?

Yes. PS’s as low as possible - Preamp as high as possible.

My own order is:

NAPSC - on floor, nearby

I am unsure where you should put the Superline… :thinking:

Thankyou for all your useful comments.

It seems agreed that HiCaps go right at bottom with power amp just above. The pre amp power on the floor.

I will try with the pre amp itself on the shelf under the superline.

My experience is that the phono stage should be as isolated at possible or i get a hum.

The rack is high but I like the record deck at chest height.


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