Stacking order

If stacking a CD player and integrated, is there a proper order? Cdp on top of integrated? Or visa versa? Or doesn’t it matter?

I would suspect that with only 2 boxes you would be best to start off with them in one configuration, i.e. CD on top and then after a few weeks try the opposite way and see if there is an audible difference. The bigger difference here will probably come if you run them side by side. Then neither is above or below!

It depends, having found out how much better my then system sounded with the 552 above the (555ps powered) CDX2 than below it, when I later assembled a system with just CDX2/282/hi/250-2 I put the 282 on the top fraim lite shelf but I wasn’t convinced by the result, swapping it with the CDX2 was a distinct improvement. So different pre, and no outboard ps for the CDX2 but also no stack of large ps next to it but I was surprised as I’d expected the dc powered 282 to benefit from being less surrounded by transformer containing boxes.
Funny ol’ game.

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