Stacking order

Until now I have had the following layout on a Custom Design Milan 6 rack …

Linn Sondek LP12
Naim CD5si
Naim NDX2
Naim Supernait 3
Linn Radikal PS

I have just bought a Naim HiCapDR - how best should I place it? Probably 60% of my listening is vinyl, 35% streaming and ~5% CD. I’m tempted (aesthetically) to put it between the Supernait & the Radikal. Any other suggestions?

Perhaps swapping the CD5si & NDX2 would be sensible as well, in an attempt to separate the main sources from the amplification?

Also, do folk tend to place their HiCapDR’s centrally, or to one side?


Here is a simple/short thread that answers your question.
The moral of the story though is PSU’s at the bottom, sensitive Preamp/Source units at the top.


So really I should have my XPS below my 160. Unfortunately at the moment the XPS is sitting directly on top of the 160 with a set of isolation feet between them, due to a current lack of a shelf. Will it make much difference?

I am hoping to resolve the shelf issue fairly soon.

When my system was originally assembled my HiCap was in the middle alongside my TT PSU with my Phono Stage and its PSU above. My NAC was at the top and my NAP was at the bottom.
Hum and SQ questions brought me to put the PSU’s at the bottom, then moving upwards it went NAP, NAC and finally Phono Stage at the top.
This resulted in reduced Hum and improved SQ.
I think that that’s a fairly good indicator of the benefits of this theory🙂


Of course, if you look in the System Pics thread, you’ll see that that has changed somewhat with the addition of a dedicated TT rack containing TT at the top, Phono Stage next and the TT & Phono Stage PSU’s at the bottom.
Now the HiCap DR is at the bottom shelf of the Fraim on its own, with the NAP above, an empty shelf and then the NAC.
Room for the CDT to go on top in the future😊

This pic was taken before the NAP moved down a shelf and the NAPSC moved to the floor in the corner.


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