Stacking proposal

Next week my system is likely to look like this. My question is how to prioritise and stack best way.

  1. Challenge is there is always one or more burndy touching the floor for me. It is a wooden floor though. I can add foam tubing on the ones on the floor.
  2. Are there higher and lower rang on burndy in which should best avoid touching floor and those note?
  3. NDX2 will for now not have a separate power supply. Given this, is Brains shelf 2 in the example the best option (given it has an active power supply in it)

Screen print 2022-10-25 kl. 09.10.52

I would have the 552 on top of brains stack and put the LP12 on top of the brawn stack with space beneath it. Also the 552 needs space beneath, so would have the NDX2 above the 300 dr unit.

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Thanks Gazza :+1: So as below then.

Screen print 2022-10-25 kl. 10.15.40

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I think Gazza is right on order, though I am aware that some spend hours on cable-dressing and I don’t, and that these thing sometimes seem to have a big impact and sometimes not. You could raise the 300PS up a rung if that helps Burndy dressing, but the diagram at least looks a good starting point.

In my stacks, I found the most important thing was keeping preamp PS away from preamp and (more important) phono stage.

You may get a PS for the NDX2 at some stage - it makes a big difference. You’ll want that on the brawn rack too.

Finally, if your LP12 has a Lingo, I’d suggest you keep it away from 552 or your phono stage. That means not putting it below the 552 and hoping it’s not audible, but it also means trying to avoid plugging the Lingo into the same socket (via power block or not) that has all the other boxes. IME, unless you have an actual buzz from bad cable-dressing or box placement, they will matter less than not messing things up with your LP12 PS.


Yes, just like that…….however if you cannot hear my suggestions then do as you want. Though i would leave a 552 in position for a good week before making a judgement.

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I’m thinking about maybe option 2 above could be further improved as the pic below. What option 3 would give me is :

  • Get the 300DR burndys off the floor
  • Get the 552 bit further up from the floor (digital cable touch the floor now but not burndy)
  • Get all naim boxes 1 shelf higher which in theory should mean bit less vibrations assuming there is most vibrations at the bottom shelf decreasing upwards.

The 552 would get a 300DR (no transformer in this box) closer so the “552 needs to breath” would be compromised but maybe the other wins would be better as a total.

Since the NDX2 is not using external power I’m also thinking it might be better to be placed on the Brawn side than having an active transformer in the Brains side but :man_shrugging:

Screen print 2022-11-16 kl. 09.07.23

Have moved all boxes up one level as in Option 3 leaving bottom level empty. This results in getting all Burndy off the floor. Let’s see what happens to the sound quality :slight_smile:

EDIT: I can tell right away that this sound much better. More air, more depth, better dynamics. Burndy hates floor.

Great cheap update! :slight_smile:

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