Stacking question

Xps DR is on its way in and I need to figure out the best place to put it. The current situation on the rack looks as follows

There’s no room on or around the rack and I can’t add another shelf hence what is the best way to stack my current system and please don’t hate me for asking id love to be able to put it on its own shelf but at the moment it’s just not possible.

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Just put it underneath the 250 at the bottom. Put some paper or fabric under the 250’s feet to stop it marking the XPS. Might it be possible to get a second rack? It seems a pity to compromise what is a very nice setup.

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Turntable wall shelf maybe?


Another vote here for a wall shelf: Project, Rega and Solidsteel all spring to mind as options for your Clearaudio.

Give your space constraints, are you also able to move that speaker and the rack a little further apart?


What is the turntable, please, Buns (and arm and cartridge)? Looks good, whatever it is.

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Thanks HH. Unfortunately no chance for a second rack for at moment :pensive:

There’s a shelf just above the rack already

Stacking question :slight_smile:


Thanks, Graham55.

It’s Clearaudio Performance DC with Clarify tonearm, Virtuoso V2 cartridge and 12v Smart Power Supply.

It sounds as good as it looks!


I"ve never seen, nor heard of, your turntable package.

The counterweight at the back of the tonearm looks impossibly small (compared, say, to the ARO that I have). It must work, though. Is it some particularly dense alloy?

It has suddenly struck me that Clearaudio manufacture the Solstice (and the ARO 2) for Naim. What a twit!

(Ah well, they do say that every day is a school day.)

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In case you are unaware, Queen Victoria is no longer with us.

Hard to tell from picture but looks like current shelf spacing is quite generous.
A more space efficient hifi rack may be a solution with an additional shelf?

Thanks @Buns I can see you have a good sense of humour and a taste for good old Stanley Kubrick. I guess (at least one thing I learned) is that the preamp does not like to be below a digital source. Also better to separate power supplies and sensitive head units. If that is the case you need two racks. Probably not what you wanted to hear but welcome to the combinatorial box explosion. I would just leave as is and simply enjoy your music. After all we are talking about winning audio solutions for audiophiles and heathens🤣

Yes, 1901, I believe.

Check out the tonearm, it has a magnetic/levitating bearing. It’s a great looking deck, I think of it as a mini Solstice, and in my dreams Naim continue on their vinyl journey by making a Solstice XS based on it :heart_eyes:

Apologies to the OP, no good ideas about stacking order.

Though, looks like Atacama - I split mine in two, and use a standard shelf as a base on one side. Could you buy some standard shelves and ditch the current base layer? That might allow you to add a shelf and still be below the obstruction above the TT?

Rack on the right as you look at it doesn’t use a base layer. I could swap mine around and measure a 5 shelf rack on the assumption they’re dimensionally identical to your shelves. Lowest box on the floor?

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There’s 4 black Atacama equinox racks on eBay right now, not an exact match, but maybe close enough?

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