Stacking - Where to put the 52? Which is the noisiest?


I’ve been reading up the varies topics on stacking order and carefully separating cables and shaking my Burndys. One thing that keeps coming up is that the pre amp should be as high as possible.

Having simplified down from three sources to two I’m left with some empty spaces on my racks. Components are carefully separated into brains and brawn like so:

Screenshot 2021-12-10 at 19.14.34

Currently the 52 Burndy is dragging on the floor. So I need to elevate it. Obvious solution is immediately below the CDS2.

But I’m wondering, what do I do with the NDX? Am I better keeping the 52 away from the NDX or the CDS2? Or is there some other solution I’m missing?

My instinct is option a) but any suggestions welcome

Screenshot 2021-12-10 at 19.20.22

And there are other posts with installations done by reputable dealers who put the streamer on top and the pre below …

If distance is the same, I doubt there is a difference. It’s not as if EM emissions go only up and not down or vice versa.

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Top loading CD has to be on top but, yes, I’ve seen a few pics with streamers on top.

Sure, top loading CDPs force part of the issue. Another thing that I find somewhat plausible is to put the streamer above the pre if there is a TT on a wall bracket above. This maximizes the TT to pre distance, which may or may not make a difference but can’t hurt. (while the streamer to pre distance is the same in either case)

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I have my NDX2 above the 252 as it looks better on a single rack with 5 boxes. I think we can over worry about such things.


Isn’t that the point of this forum? :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d go A. The CDS2 head unit doesn’t have a mains transformer in it unlike the NDX.


Go with a). As @james_n says keeping the NDX at the bottom away from the 52 keeps the transformer away.

On my system I have 2 Fraim sets of shelves.

Left Brain

Lp12 on shelf
Phono stage

Right brawn

Lingo 1
555 PS
Supercap 2

Always compromises to be made. Important thing is to have them separated rather than physically stacked on top of each other. Ideally my 135s should be away from 82 and CDS3 on brain stack.


I’m not happy about having a CD head unit right above the pre-amp. When I had my CDS2 and CDS3 I found that having them just above the NAC52, 252 or 552 definitely adversely affected performance. Best to have the pre-amp up top or with something benign above it like a turntable. If you have no choice but to put a CD player above it then make sure there’s a good gap between them. Saying that, I’d go so far as to put the CDS player over on the top of the brawn rack if that’s the only top shelf available.


If you have a seperate psu burndied on, does the source still put electrickery through its own internal toroidal transformer or does it lie dormant?

No, not if a separate PSU is used. The exception here is the Naim DAC where both the DAC and PSU stay powered from the mains. An older player like the CDS2, only works with a separate PSU.

Thanks James :+1:

So that’s a vote for b) or c) Move the CD far away. Interesting. Thanks

I always figured the TT motor should ideally be kept away, not so?

I guess it will depend, but generally I have found a CD player to be far more harmful.


Thanks for all the helpful comments.

Having thought some more I can actually do the following:

Screenshot 2021-12-11 at 11.42.53

I’m assuming the top shelf of the right stack can be swapped over? Does anyone know how to disassemble Hutter?

This arrangement works until I bow to the inevitable and buy an XPS for the NDX :grinning:

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That looks better Matthew.

Best regards, BF

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The inevitable pressure is for a 555PS. I know this as one is coming to me tomorrow…:sunglasses:

Steady. I haven’t even got an XPS yet. I’m interested as to how much that closes the gap to the CDS2

Yes, but then the inevitable happens all over again lol!

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