Stage Line

Hi guys, I have a Nac 72 with Hicap and NAP 250 and I would like to insert a StageLine Mc but I don’t know if it must be powered or not.

It will need to be powered, preferably by its own Flatcap or Hicap.

As you have a NAC72, you would probably be best just to fit some MC boards (NA323S or K) - look out for the last issue boards - NA323/5.

I in the Nac 72 have the MC card but I wanted a stage line.

Why do you want a Stageline when you have the phono cards in the amplifier? It’s unlikely to sound any better.

Ok thank you so much

Yep, no point in doing this. You’re introducing a cable to what is basically the same circuit instead of keeping it all self-contained.

And if the answer is that you can get a beefier power supply for a Stageline, then you should be looking at other, better phono stages, IMO.

IMO? I don’t know what they are!!

A lot depends on what turntable and cartridge you have. If you have a Linn, a Prefix with Hicap would be an improvement. If you have a Rega cartridge then a Rega phono stage would make sense.

I understood, thank you very much

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