Stageline + 5Si

Dear fellow Naim enthusiasts!

I’m having a hard time figuring out whether the Naim 5SI will be able to power the Stageline phonostage without needing a seperate PSU or not.

It seems like the Stageline needs at least an XS model to be powered without a seperate psu.


The NAIT 5Si can’t power a Stageline. You would need a dedicated power supply (i-Supply, Flatcap, Hicap etc…) for the Stageline.


I thought the I-Supply was discontinued? are there any inexpensive way to power a Stageline?

Yes, the i-Supply is discontinued but can still be found secondhand. Otherwise the least expensive way to power a Stageline is to use the powered AUX2 socket on a suitably equipped Naim pre/power, Uniti or Integrated amp.

[Discontinued] i-Supply phono version, I think there were two others, will only power later Stagelines with two DINs IIRC.

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Yes, i-Supply with Firewire adaptor/connector for powering the iPod, i-Supply (S) for Stageline, which came with 4-5 interconnect, i-Supply (H) for Headline, which came with an adaptor for the Headline power socket.

Should be able to pick up a used i-supply relatively easily. Didn’t take much searching to find one in the uk just now. Asking £150 ($180us). S version according to label.

Just be sure that any Stageline you use with the i-Supply has the two DINs (DIN4 & DIN5) and that the i-Supply comes with the 4-5 interconnect as otherwise it will cost you extra.

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