StageLine Advice

Hi All, I am thinking of getting a Stageline to use as a phono stage.

I currently have a Supernait one and a Hi-Cap (DR).

Do I power the Stageline off the HI-CAP as well and the Supernait, or do I power the Sategline off the Supernait and leave the Hi-Cap connected as I have it already?

Also, I need to move my turntable, but the best place for it would be approx 5mtrs away at the other side of the room. Has anyone any experience of a long phono lead from a turntable into a phono stage. I would keep the phono stage beside the amplifier, I just need to move the turntable itself.

Thanks for all your input.

The hicap can only power one unit, so there’s your answer. I’d keep it on the supernait and run the stageline from the powered connection.


Robert is correct. Per the manual, you can use the AUX 2 DIN connection on the SN1 to power the stageline.

I run the same setup and it works very well

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