Stageline cable question

I know I would need a 5 snaic between the Stageline and my SNAPS …but can I use a 4 pin to RCA phono (2) interconnect between the Stageline and my 32.5 preamp as it has RCA sockets for phono 1 & 2.

Similar but slightly different. I use a SNAIC5 from Stageline to Hicap, and then a 4 pin DIN to BNC from the Hicap to the 82.

Seems to work

DIN would be better but you could do this.
I’m assuming you have 326 boards in the 32.5 to allow one of the phono inputs to act as a line level input ?

Does your Stageline have one or two DIN sockets?

Hi…Yes…326/1 boards but phono 1 and 2 are RCA phono…so would this be the best place to connect the Stageline…to use DIN…I would need to use tape 2??

If you’ve got the cables it’s worth trying both and seeing if you have a preference.

Tape 1 is connected to a Headline and the plan was to use Tape 2 for my partner’s iPod etc…so phono 1 would be best suited with 326 boards.

Hi Nye,

As an aside, ideally you should take the Stageline signal out from the SNAPS 4 pin DIN to maintain correct earthing.
The 4 pin DIN on the Stageline was provided purely for i-Supply users where there was no other signal out option available.


Good evening Neil…so am I right?..I run the 5 snaic from the Stageline to the SNAPS and then a 4 snaic from the SNAPS to the 32.5…Does that mean I cannot use the RCA phono sockets but the Tape 2 DIN socket…is that about right?

That depends on the type of cable you have, to use the DIN input on the 32, you need a 4 to 5 interconnect (sometimes called a prefix lead). To use the RCA input, 4 pin DIN to 2x RCA.
Just be sure to take the signal from the power supply for the stageline.


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mine has two, SK1 is a 240degree DIN4 and SK2 is a 240degree DIN5. I connect the SNAIC5 to SK2 on the Stageline.

The other end of the SNAIC5 is connected to SK4 on the Hicap. The connection to the 82 (Input 1, twin BNC connectors) is then from SK3 (240degree DIN4) on the Hicap

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