Stageline DIN Sockets?

Hi all,

Not very up on this!

Can anyone explain why some Stagelines seem to have 2 DIN sockets and some only have 1 ?
I took a look in a manual and it only showed the model with just 1 DIN socket…

Is it to offer the possibility of using just a single power and signal 5pin cable, but also the option of using a 5pin cable, to carry just the signal, to an unpowered pre input and then use the 4pin from a power source (Hicap, Flatcap, etc) ?

Or am I completely lost!?

Many thanks!

The Stageline had the extra DIN added in order to make it useable with the basic I-Supply power supply that, unlike the Flatcap, Hicap etc…, didn’t have a signal output onboard.

Thank you Richard

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