StageLine for dynavector 10X5

I use a Stageline S with my DV10X5 on the advice of the most highly regarded LP12 specialist in Leicestershire. The Stageline powered by Aux2 on a Naim preamp. Sounds wonderful. Fast, vivid, colourful, riveting music.

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ving Coil and Moving Magnet

‘S’: 100uV/470ohm for low output cartridges

‘K’: 100uV/560ohm for selected moving coil cartridges

‘E’: 400uV/400ohm for medium output cartridges

‘N’: 2mV/47kohms

KJC, I don’t understand. You use a stageline for low output MC and the 10XS is a high output. I miss something.

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Thank you @frenchrooster @KJC !
I have seen both opinion for “N” and “S”. “N” makes sense from the 2.5 Mv output. What about ohm? Does it make any difference which naim preamp I connect the StageLine to?



Yes,I think maybe you do miss something FR. Have you tried both? Or either?

Unfortunately, I have not yet. Though to find a place willing to lend both units where I am.

The reason I asked KJC. I am just surprised but can’t say you don’t use the optimal stageline however. Logically I would use the N. But I may be of course completely wrong.

Better wait to Richard response. I was using in the past the stageline with a Koetsu black ,
and think to remember it was an S. However the Koetsu is a medium/ low output.

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Same thread . Should help. Apparently N is perhaps not enough. S if connected to hicap or supercap. Perhaps E ?

Yes, has anyone tried “E” with high output moving coil like the dynavector 10x5?

Believe Peter Swain liked the S the best with the 10x5. Think it was with HiCap. Maybe he’ll chime in.

Stageline N works well with my DV-20X2H. Stageline powered directly form SN2, tried powering it with a Hicap but did not like it.

Normally I would recommend the Stageline N, however IIRC, Peter S has said previously that the Dynavector 10X5 works well with the S, provided it’s powered by at least a Hicap.

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Thanks Richard. The quality of the power supply is the key point. Peter’s view is that a feed from the Aux2 of a preamp is at least as good as a dedicated HiCap PROVIDED the preamp is being fed from a full width power supply such as SuperCap or 552PS. If the latter case then he recommends Stageline S with DV10X5.

Thank you for all feedback! What a community. Really helpful.

In summary:

  • stageline S if connected to naim preamp AUX 2, and if the preamp is powered by supercap or better.

  • stageline N if powered by a hicap and connected to the AUX 2 of a naim preamp.

  • No clear “winner” for a stageline connected to a naim preamp (NAC 202) without hicap, supercap, etc.

I hope I got it right. :slight_smile:


thats the exact set up @Cymbiosis recomended for me

had both the 10 x5 & 20 conected to my HCDR and into Pre, excellant and plenty of music

for me DV cartridges are excellent both leading at thier price points


From what I read, if you have no hicap on your 202, as described, you should go for the N.

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Hi Walter,

Unfortunately, I found the Stageline N to be really underwhelming with the Dyna 10x5. Using Dynavector’s own phono stage, the P75, was much better: a far more open and vibrant sound. I strongly suggest demoing the Stageline and P75 side-by-side.

All best,

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Or buy a second hand olive hicap ( maybe 300 GBP) and take a stageline S.
I had this combo many years ago and it sounded very nice .

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Thanks! I received the same advice. A dealer here said the naim stageline N but he also recommended the P75 as a very good match.

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