Stageline - loose output DINS

Hi folks - following good advice from Richard I have sourced a pair of NA522 cards to fit into my NAC82 to suit MM, and bought a Stageline S for MC carts, allowing me to change without opening the NAC82 and changing phono cards.

I was concerned to see the DIN outputs move readily between 3 and 5mm in all directions. I can’t upload video as it is not a supported format.

Would appreciate any users experiences, it may be OK but didn’t chime with the legendary build an old olive gear user expects

Hi Biggers1,

That’s completely normal - the DIN sockets are directly mounted to the PCB, which in turn is mounted to the chassis using special decoupling mounts that allow movement of the whole board.


Cheers Neil, I am grateful for your confirmation before I hook it to a Hicap and power it up tomorrow. Floating connects are a one on and old Olive kit man! I am putting the NA522 cards into the NAC82 so can run up my old favourite carts - regards Steve

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