Stageline N - compatibility with Rega Elys 2

New system about to go live as per profile.

Historically we’ve had vinyl available as a listening option which we use when in the mood - mostly for dance vinyls. Rest of our LP collection has been mostly rendered redundant by CD purchases, digital downloads and Tidal.

Deck started as a Rega RP1 but over time got upgraded CNC steel sub platter and bearing, Delrin platter, upgraded Rega motor and Rega Elys 2 cartridge. Original tone arm. Phono stage is a Rega mini. Into our old 272 via RCA this sounded ok but definitely not wow.

We like the idea of using Aux2 on 252 to power a naim phono stage taking advantage of SuperCap feed. A transition step might be to change Rega phono stage for a Stageline N. However it looks like N has wildly different input capacitance to our Rega phono, so concerned cartridge won’t work in this setup? Will we need a different cartridge?

Stageline N has 100 pF input capacity so that s fine for most mm carts.

Sorry but according to naim website it’s 470pF? This is under “Input Load Options” on Product Specification section.

Is the naim website wrong?

That is certainly what Naim quote.

IIRC, it’s the Superline which comes with a standard internal (no additional external plugs) 100pF loading.

My assessment of what the forum has to say on the subject is that the majority say yes, but a significant minority are entirely happy with the Elys2.

I’m with the former and would go for an Audio Technica MM.

It’s probably worth putting Stageline N cartridge into the searchbox.

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Yeah it seems Stageline N might be a total minefield having just done that. Really were hoping for something low cost/plug and play which would just work with what we have in the short/medium term :sob:

Going to source a better tonearm if we decide to keep vinyl around. If economy and energy prices settle perhaps a cymbiosis custom LP12 for a treat with a proper phono.

I wasn’t a fan of the original Elys with the Stagline N - I found high frequencies too dulled.


I agree with you, @Richard.Dane . Rega Fono was better in this regard, with my Planar3/Elys into a 112/150.


Wondering if naim isn’t the way ahead here then. Plenty used phonos for 4-600 quid which have standard input capacitance of 100pF and also some offer adjustable settings. There’s also the Moon LP110 for same price as Stageline (new) which is fully adjustable.

Perhaps rushing into a Stageline would be stupid and we should instead live with current Rega solution until end game phono is in budget. There are some very well reviewed phono stages by major players (Vertere, Rega etc,) for about a grand. Patience might be a virtue.

I have a Stageline N for my Rega Elys 2. The stageline will be a vast improvement over the Rega offering, the soundstage will open up immensely. That was my experience.

The rest of my vinyl blackback includes a Pink Triangle PT1, and a Rega RB300 arm, upgraded by Audio Origami, assembled by the majikal hands of Peter Swain of #Cymbiosis.

My digital side is a self built Roon NUC and a March DAC using DSD256 decoding. There is so little between the PT and Roon these days. I was an early adopter of Roon, best value for money that I have spent, regular upgrades without any extra expense

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The other alternative is to look for a better Rega phono stage than a Fono-mini to match your Elys2.

Just been googling that :smile:

Arias seem to hold value, no real bargains out there.

So we have options:

  1. Stageline 500, hope it sounds ok
  2. Stageline + new cartridge 700
  3. Used Aria 700
  4. Fully adjustable “end game” phono stage 1000-1200, likely compatible with Elys 2

We were initially trying to stick to naim as it maximises use of Supercap 24V feeds and removes need for an additional wall socket.

Scratching head over options 2 and 4 :frowning_face:

There’s an old Stageline online for under 200. That might be worth a shot and sell on if no good.

The Naim technical department told me by email that Stageline N has 100 pF input capacity.

Stageline N is very flexible and sounded good with Rega P25/Hana EH. Replaced with a Cyrus but the Stageline punched above its weight imo.

We’ve bought a used Stageline N so we’ll see how it sounds with the Elys 2.

Short term it means we don’t need additional power socket, but that won’t be a longer term concern.

If this doesn’t work out we’ll probably try another cartridge.

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