Stageline N output sockets

Hi all. Earlier Stageline N’s had one output socket while later versions had 2. Is the second socket for an external power supply? And is there a difference in sound quality between the two models assuming each is only powered by the socket on a Naim integrated (in my case sn2)?

This response from @Richard.Dane to a different thread may be loosely relevant, in it he recommends powering the Stageline from the 252:

Leave the Stageline powered by the NAC252 AUX2 - it’s from dedicated windings on the Supercap transformer and in many respects I find it preferable to even a dedicated Hicap.

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I think the OP has a Supernait not, unfortunately, a 252!
I have a similar question as I currently use the supplied 5-5 din interconnect between my Stageline S and the powered aux socket of my NAC202 and have just sent of for a 4-5 interconnect to try my HiCap powering the stageline.

The manual says connect the stageline to the hicap and use the 4-5 from hicap to unpowered preamp input but I have heard that on newer stagelines you can use the 4-5 from socket 1 of the stageline to preamp input when powering with the hicap on socket 2.

Does anyone know about this and if possible, which is better?

@Richard.Dane will surely know.

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If you’re using a power supply such as the Hicap then I would take signal from the Hicap. The second socket was added to the Stageline purely to enable it to work with the i-Supply.


IIRC @NeilS once confirmed that the configuration suggested by Richard (above) preserves the star earthing.

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Thanks. I’d better do what the manual (and Richard) says then!

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Thanks Richard good to know

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