Stageline N power connection by CD555DR PS when this supplying NAC N 272

HI. With the above can any one tell me if its OK to connect the Stage line into the unused power supply connector of the 555 PS (output 2)? Output 1 being used for my NAC N 272. Any disadvantages to this ? I am looking save a PS box? If so which cable is required to do so. Naim says you can use 555 PS for this but not how

The second 555 output is for a CD555, NDS or ND555 only. It cannot be used for a Stageline. You’ll need a Flatcap, Hicap or Supercap for that. Or a different, self powered phono stage.

AH, can a NAPSC be used and if so what lead is required.


See my third sentence above.

The NAPSC supplies 18V. You need a 24V supply which the other PSUs provide.

Thank you

I believe that you can also use the Naim iSupply, if you can actually find one on that well known auction site - quite rare though, and they go for around a hundred.

I use a Hicap on my “S”. it works.

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