Stageline N with Rega Carbon mm or Ortofon 2MRed

Oddly enough though, the Sumiko MM reviews I read, all three were using a SN3 phonostage which is based on the StageLine N.

Certainly, I run a Sumiko Moonstone into StageLine off an SL-1200 and it’s very snappy.

Those Sumikos are rather nice, would pick them anyday over 2M range.

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I bought my N to go with a London Decca Maroon which it suits well but it’s working very nicely with a Goldring 1042 at the moment, though the arm cable is a Lyra (32pF) which probably helps.

Given the input capacitance how would it get on with a SUT?

what is wrong with the 2M range?

Did I say something was wrong ?
I said I’d pick a Sumiko anyday.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. It’s well respected. There is a sort of consensus that 2M don’t work well with a StageLine. And while I agree with that, it’s purely based on subjective preference. There are those that actually prefer that pairing, and they are not wrong - just in a minority.

Most Naim dealers with decades of experience with the StageLine are likely to steer users towards things they have known to gel well with it like AudioTechnica and Dynavector. That’s all.

And within a range, some work better than others, My first Sumiko Oyster was horrible on the StageLine, but my Moonstone was sublime. I don’t think all AudioTechnica AT-VM95 carts behave as well with it either.

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The Rega P2 with Carbon mm plays wonders with SL N. VTF set to 2,2 grams and antiskating to max. Sound is dynamic with fast but full and tunefull bass, airy highs and hardly any sibilance. Oh and no audible IGD (inner groove distortion). The platter turns rock solid without any pitch instability.

So pretty happy with this Rega P2.


We use a Rega Elys2, also with Stageline N.

Might upgrade in time, but we hardly spin vinyl now!

By the way, the P2 sounds a bit more open and fine with a VTF of 2,0 grams :grinning:

Back in the day (1970s/1980s) the most popular MM cartridges were Shures. They needed a higher capacitive load to get a flat frequency response (indeed, SME even made RCA “capacitor adapters” to add to their low capacitance tonearm cables when used with Shure cartridges). In addition, RF interference was frequently an issue with turntables back then and a high capacitance filtered out these ultrasonic frequencies.

Today, MM cartridges have flat frequency responses without the need for such a high input capacitance and turntable systems are less prone to pick up RF interference.

I use the P2 only a couple of times a week. It can’t beat my ND5XS as streamer/DAC for soundquality. The ND5XS is more dynamic, more bass, more oohmp, more upfront, more…, just better period. Okay the P2 is maybe a little better 3D soundstage and fleshy.

I’ve seen Rega is now having new Nd3 cartridges as upgrade option for their P2.

The Carbon mm is just fine enough for my likings. ABBA sounds a bit better on the P2 than digital :grinning:

The Nd3 looks like a 2RED and Goldring 2100 in one cart :thinking:

Interesting that the ND3 has come to market before the ND7 that was being demonstrated at Bristol. I thought the ND7 was sounding very promising indeed.

For all that, the AT3600/Rega Carbon has to be the one of the best values in hifi - just great fun to listen to.